Together, we can change America's energy future

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    Companies and individuals across America are joining together to reduce their carbon footprint and build a clean energy future. There are many ways to participate and every penny builds new renewable energy facilities!

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  • Business Power

    Business Power

    Organizations enhance their sustainability programs by joining EarthEra

  • Brand Power

    Brand Power

    Top brands are connecting with their customers by integrating EarthEra offers

  • People Power

    People Power

    Americans are reducing their carbon footprint and joining with EarthEra to build a clean energy future

  • Promo Power

    Promo Power

    Small businesses are joining EarthEra to reduce their impact on the environment

  • Campus Power

    Campus Power

    Colleges and students are joining EarthEra to reduce campus impacts and support wind and solar power

  • Citizen Power

    Citizen Power

    State and local governments are supporting EarthEra through clean energy purchases and programs

Green Power Credits for LEED Certification