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EarthEra is joining forces with America’s top companies and organizations to help change our energy future! Discover the many benefits of partnering with EarthEra today.

Corporations and Institutions

Corporations and Institutions

Every day, corporations and institutions contribute to climate change through activities such as employee travel, heating or cooling facilities, manufacturing and distribution. All of these activities require energy, energy that is created by burning fossil fuels, a leading cause of climate change.

The innovative EarthEra program offers a powerful solution


How EarthEra Works

  • Organizations audit energy use and employ conservation and efficiency programs
  • For unavoidable carbon impacts, organizations purchase EarthEra renewable energy and carbon offset products
  • EarthEra directs 100% of the revenue from these purchases to the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust to build more wind and solar power
  • Organizations may enhance brand value through customized EarthEra programs

The Benefits of Joining EarthEra

  • Now, everyone can help change our energy future
  • Forward-thinking companies working to improve the sustainability of their businesses have an advantage over less-concerned competitors
  • EarthEra participants inspire stakeholders and other companies to support renewable energy development

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What are renewable energy and carbon offset products?

A renewable energy certificate represents the avoided emissions from generating one (1) megawatt of energy from a renewable facility. Similarly, a carbon offset represents the carbon emissions avoided, typically one (1) metric ton, by taking certain actions or implementing technology.

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