LEED Green Power Credits

EarthEra® Carbon Balanced Buildings Program

Developers, builders and architects are increasingly looking to achieve LEED certification based on the standards set forth by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and local building codes. LEED certified buildings reduce costs, greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a healthier environment.

Renewable energy (green power) plays an important role in achieving LEED certification. Carbon Balanced Buildings powered by EarthEra enables you to fulfill LEED certification requirements in the "Energy and Atmosphere" category by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) directly from the nation's largest generator of green power.

The EarthEra program was created by NextEra Energy Resources, North America’s largest producer of wind and solar power.

Added "Balance and Build" Benefits

Our innovative program provides added environmental and marketing benefits, as every dollar of your purchase goes directly to the EarthEra Renewable Energy Trust. The Trust uses 100% of the funds it receives to build more wind and solar facilities in the United States. Hence, your purchase balances carbon emissions and helps build a clean energy future.

Benefits to Climate-Friendly Buildings Program

  • Partner with America's largest producer in wind and solar
  • Green power sourced directly from owned and operated facilities
  • Cost effective solution to earning LEED points
  • LEED AP Consulting
  • Opportunity to balance the carbon impact of project
  • Extend green power programs to customers
  • 100% of your purchase goes directly toward building new renewable energy facilities

Let EarthEra help carbon balance your next project. Contact our Green Building team to discuss a customized solution for you.

2013 U.S. Green Building Council LEED Certification Levels