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Every day we each do small things that contribute to climate change. By participating in EarthEra, you can help balance your carbon impact and accelerate America's move to clean energy. Just like voting, when we all participate, we can create change.

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By selecting an instant membership or calculating your personal carbon footprint, you empower yourself to reduce your climate-changing actions and help support wind and solar power development. Either method makes you an EarthEra member with benefits! Every penny received is used to build new renewable energy facilities across America.


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Why people are joining EarthEra:

  • Increasing America's use of clean energy can help fight climate change by reducing carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil
  • Expanding wind and solar facilities in the U.S. will increase domestic sources of energy, offering price stability and energy independence from foreign supply
  • Supporting clean energy could address health concerns like childhood asthma and adult emphysema which are associated with industrial emissions
  • Accelerating the construction of wind and solar energy facilities will create green-tech jobs and contribute to a new energy economy

Included with your membership to the EarthEra Community is an informative welcome kit, customized to your individual purchase

Remember, understanding your carbon impact and conserving energy are the first steps to fight climate change