Our Company

A World Leader in Renewable Energy

With the most extensive portfolio of renewable energy in the nation in terms of total generation, NextEra Energy Resources continues to lead America in building a clean energy future. Our success has been built on fiscal strength, a twenty-year history of building energy projects and a strong community focus.

NextEra Energy Resources Facilities
Wind Energy
Solar Energy
Hydro Energy

No. 1 in Wind Energy

The largest generator of wind energy in North America with more than 75 wind facilities (more than 9,000 turbines) in operation in 17 states and Canada with an installed capacity of more than 7,500 megawatts of electricity.

No. 1 Provider of Solar Energy

The largest generator of commercial-scale solar power generation. Our parent company NextEra Energy, Inc., owns both the world's largest solar-thermal site (SEGs in the Mojave Desert) and the nation’s largest solar photovoltaic site (DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy Center).

Expanding Transmission Facilities

In the business of developing transmission facilities to carry power from remote locations to population centers that rely on energy. For example, another subsidiary of EarthEra's parent, NextEra Energy, Inc., Lone Star Transmission, was recently awarded a large project by The Public Utility Commission of Texas as part of the state's Competitive Renewable Energy Zone process.

Marketing Wholesale Energy

NextEra Energy Power Marketing, LLC buys and sells wholesale energy commodities, manages all fuel needs of NextEra Energy Resources power generation fleet and markets the output to customers across the country. In 2012, NextEra Energy Power Marketing once again ranked as one of the top 10 power marketers in the nation.