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We Are Ready to Build More

NextEra Energy Resources created EarthEra as a way for Americans to join together to increase our nation's supply of renewable energy. EarthEra participation can range from large corporate renewable energy purchases to individual and small business memberships. 100% of the funds from all EarthEra programs will support new renewable projects across the nation that will be built and owned by NextEra Energy Resources.

To date, over $65 million dollars has been committed to the Trust. The first project to benefit from the EarthEra Trust was the Paradise Solar Energy Center located in West Deptford, New Jersey. Completed in 2011, Paradise solar is home to 26,000 solar panels capable of producing enough electricity to power 700 average homes for one year. Specific EarthEra construction project details will be updated here as they are determined.

NextEra Energy Resources' Current Facilities

Here is a look at projects built by NextEra Energy Resources prior to and separate from the EarthEra program. The new EarthEra program will leverage our company's expertise in development, construction and operation of large-scale renewable energy projects.

Callahan Gray County Horse Hollow Meyersdale

For the past two decades, NextEra Energy Resources has been steadily developing, building or acquiring a fleet of power-generating facilities across the country. From a small company in the 1980s to today's undisputed leader in the North American wind market, our company has developed a "tried-and-true" method of project development and construction. Standardized processes and procedures ensure consistency, repeatability and results from site to site.

Oliver Waymart Wilton Solar Electric Generating Systems 3

Did You Know?

Wind farms, in addition to their environmental benefits, can be built quickly in comparison to traditional power plants - generally in a few months. For example, NextEra Energy Resources' Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center, one of the world's largest wind farms, totaling more than 700 megawatts, was built in just over one year.